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At Healing 4 Soul, our mission is to provide professional complementary therapies, natural products, screenings, nutritional education and events that empower the individual to live the healthy life they deserve.

Our focus is to help the body heal from a wide variety of conditions with the assistance of natural solutions. Wellness is not a fixed point in time, but rather a constant motion anchored by the support we give our bodies.

We help you achieve health through Nutritional Counseling, Homeopathy, CEASE Therapy, REBA, Neurocare, GcMAF, Whole Body Vibration and partner with several laboratories including Great Plains to assure you are receiving tailored strategies specific to your body’s needs. Please visit our Treatment Room for additional information.

At Healing 4 Soul, our motto is: We are here to educate, not medicate! We invite you to explore the variety of articles and blogs on our site and our blog content and articles written by Sima as a guest author in magazines and on other websites.  You can follow Healing 4 Soul on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or subscribe to our newsletter.

Our success is measured by our clients achieving their optimal health, client satisfaction and our impact on local and extended community. We look forward to helping you on your healing journey!


Online consultations for CEASE Therapy and Homeopathy are available via Skype.


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