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An Overview on Homeopathic Cell Salts

                                                         by Sima Ash


When I am asked where or how to start the natural healing journey, I always recommend Cell salts.  Cell salts are homeopathic preparations of the minerals that are the building blocks of our bodies. Cell salts are very safe and effective and they taste sweet and dissolve almost instantly in the mouth or in water. Children love to take them.

Because they are diluted and potentized, only minute biochemic amounts of the mineral salts are up-taken by cells and tissues. This enables better absorption of nutrients while fortifying and energizing living tissue.  Cell salts support proper cell function to optimize health and ameliorate physical and emotional symptoms.  The effectiveness of cell salts have been proven for over two hundred years.

There is also combination of 12 cell salts available which is called “Bioplasma”. It has all the 12 tissue salts in each tablet for overall cell support.

Where are the nutrients?

After millennia of destructive farming practices, our planet’s soil has been denatured.  Our foods do not have the nutrients necessary for health.  We in the civilized world tend to be overfed but undernourished.

For many of today’s children, the situation is complicated by self-limiting food intake and digestive disturbances.  As a consequence, they are often severely affected by mineral deficiencies. Deficiencies may manifest as anxiety, mood swings, digestive problems, and other signs of imbalance.

Cell Salts are Essential

Minerals are the foundation for enzyme activity in the body.  They serve as catalysts in energy cycles and functions.  They nourish cells to provide the foundation of a healthy body.  Cell Salts facilitate the basic functioning of cells including water balance, digestion, removing toxins, elasticity of the cells, oxygenation, nutrition, and sodium-potassium balance. There is another form of mineral that I highly recommend to everyone which should be taken alongside Cell Salts on daily basis and is called Original Quinton. For more information please send us an email.

Emotional and Physical Symptoms of Cell Salt Deficiencies

An individual may be deficient in any of the cell salts.  Deficiencies are demonstrated through signs and symptoms of the individual.  The table below is a starting point for exploring uses for cell salts.


How to Use Cell Salts

Review the chart and note if you have any symptoms of deficiency.

Cell Salt

Emotional Symptoms

of Deficiency

Physical Symptoms

of Deficiency

Calc Fluor

Indecisiveness, low self-esteem

Chapped skin, deficient tooth enamel

Calc Phos

Mental weakness, lack of motivation

Nosebleeds, late teeth, headaches in children

Calc Sulph

Fatigue, laziness, worries about imaginary problems

Yellow discharges, boils, open infections

Ferrum Phos

Stimulation and overheating followed by dullness and listlessness

First stages of fever (99-101), sore throat, nosebleeds, colds, flu

Kali Mur

Irritability, apathy, homesickness, hypochondria

Second stage of fever (101-103), coughing, white mucus discharges

Kali Phos

Nervous tension, extreme nervousness, moodiness, anger, self-pity

Nerve and sleep problems, bad breath

Kali Sulph

Scary dreams, sensitivity to noises, irritability, anger

Thick yellow discharges, changing symptoms

Mag Phos

Sensitivity, impulsiveness

Cramping and shooting pains, spasms, hiccoughs

Nat Mur

Isolation, control issues, deep grief

Head cold and congestion, watery discharges, sun sensitivity, cold sores

Nat Phos

Depression, sleeplessness, low self-esteem

Acne, blackheads, greasy or brittle hair

Nat Sulph

Depression from wet weather or head injuries

Swollen feet or hands, foul-smelling gas


Shyness, lack of “grit,” hypersensitivity, sensitivity to cold

Light sensitivity, sweaty hands and feet

Select one to three cell salts that are correspond with your own and your child’s most significant symptoms.   If you look at the list and determine that more than three are indicated, remind yourself that that healing is a journey.  More is not always better.

Start by taking three pellets of each cell salt you selected three times per day.  As symptoms improve, reduce dosing to two, and later one time per day. After about a month, look at the chart again.  Re-evaluate your needs and adjust your cell salt selection.

To take cell salts, shake three tablets into the cap of the vial.  Tip the cap into your mouth without touching the mouth.  Allow the tablets to dissolve. Cell salts work best when taken in a clean mouth.  Do not eat, drink or brush teeth 15 minutes before or after taking cell salts.  Please note that combinations of cell salts or other homeopathic or supportive remedies may be needed to fully resolve the listed symptoms. 


Cell Salt Combinations

1.The three combination cell salts: Ferrum Phos, Kali Phos and Mag phos will help you or your child relax when you are experiencing:

* Anxiety

* A general, frazzled feeling

* Insomnia


2. If you have never used cell salts or homeopathic remedies, the Tissue A combination is an excellent way to try out this gentle healing method. You can take this combination as needed to facilitate relaxation. Shake 3 tablets into the cap and tip them into a clean mouth. If you or your child experience any of the listed symptoms regularly, consider taking the remedy as a tonic. Take a dose as described above two or three times per day for a month.


I have been using this combination both as needed and as a tonic for years. I give it to my daughter at bedtime when she is restless. I take it myself when I’m frazzled. Each time, we feel better almost instantly.

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