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Losing Weight with Homeopathic Drops

The HCG diet was originally developed in the 1950’s by a physician named Dr. Simeons. When he began the diet, Dr. Simeons utilized shots to inject the HCG into his patients to help them lose weight. Thankfully today, safe homeopathic drops that help with weight loss and do not need injections are available. While these drops differ in ingredients and potency from the injections, homeopathic drops are utilized by more clients than the original HCG injections developed by Dr. Simeons.

Homeopathic drops help to suppress your appetite and when coupled with a low calorie diet (500 calories per day), they help to burn fat and shed pounds.

Most people think they cannot subsist on 500 calories per day and that’s what makes this diet so intriguing as well as effective. The drops help you to not feel hungry, while the combination of recommended protein, fruits and vegetables assure that you are eating a balanced diet. The additional calories you burn from body fat, help provide the extra energy you need and that is why the 500 calories per day is possible. The homeopathic drops, the diet and the fat burning all work together to provide dramatic results quickly burning up to 4000 calories – this equals a little more than one pound per day!

The homeopathic drops are taken three times per day and the 500 calorie diet is not started until you have been on the drops for two full days. The homeopathic drops and diet are continued for three weeks, followed by an additional three weeks where the drops are discontinued and all foods except starch and sugars are eaten.

It is important to get a professional grade homeopathic supplement and not just simply buy anything over the internet labeled homeopathic. Seeing a professional who has been trained in homeopathy  is essential to successful weight loss since they will have the correct drops and understand the diet so you will see results. Trained practitioners also have wonderful recipes with the right combination of ingredients to maximize your weight loss.

Schedule an appointment with Sima Ash by phoning 310-738-8878 to experience success and lose those stubborn pounds today. Dramatic results have been demonstrated from thousands of satisfied clients and success stories have been shared around the globe.

Sima is a clinical homeopath and certified clinical nutritionist who is uniquely qualified to provide guidance and support on this diet including fantastic recipes and time on her Turbosonic Whole Body Vibration Machine. The Turbosonic helps to burn fat while building lean muscle, helps to balance the chakras and helps you stay balanced emotionally and physically. For additional information on the benefits of Whole Body Vibration, please click here.  Sima has special pricing for those who would like to combine the homeopathic drops with Turbosonic- so call and start seeing dramatic results today!  A BRAND NEW HEALTHIER YOU in just three weeks. It all starts here.

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