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I am embarking on this blog journey to make it a rising sun on the horizon and a constant growing source of light to all who have a loved one with autism or other neurodevelopmental challenges.

by Sima Ash and R K Mishra

I am Sima Ash, a mother to my beautiful 20 year old daughter, Sadaf who has autism, a homeopath, CEASE practitioner and nutritionist. Sadaf and I started our CEASE journey after I became certified in early 2010, among the first international CEASE practitioners in the Netherlands.


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Have You Ever Felt Like You Are On The Wrong Path?

I had moments in my life that I absolutely knew that I was on the wrong path. I felt scared to leave this path. But inevitably the situation got worse. I was truly unsatisfied with my life and started to notice that my soul was dying in the process. I finally got brave and left and all was worthwhile - because my soul was alive again.

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