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Spotlight on CEASE Therapy - Lucy tracks Alex's progress

It's incredibly inspiring to find parents who are willing to do whatever they can for their children.  I recently connected with Lucy, wife and mother of two - one of whom has autism.  Lucy has explored many options for her son Alex and in 2010 they began CEASE Therapy.  She began seeing results immediately and noted this when she started his MMR clearing:


  • Better digestion.
  • Better, formed, more frequent BM’s (3-4 x’s per day) Trophy BM’s as we ASD moms refer too.
  • more food options being accepted.
  • more food textures accepted.
  • was able to take Alex off enzymes, before clearing, enzymes were a part of every meal, or bite of food.
  • never had the need to use anti-fungals or anti-virals since clearing.
  • No yeast issues since (also thanks to/combination with Sacharrum Officinale 6X daily).
  • Alex was able to make full jumps (on two feet, prior to clearing he would jump one foot at a time) was able to run more naturally., walk up and down stairs a lot more secure of himself, motor skills improved overall.
  • started putting words together (magnetic and puzzle letters)


They continued on with CEASE Therapy and saw even further improvements when they started the DTaP clearing.  To read more about their journey, what improvements they are seeing and to read more from their interactive blog; visit Alex's Journey Out of Autism.  You will really enjoy reading about this amazing family.

Yours in good health,

Sima Ash

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