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If you have a child with autism you know that often times they struggle with their bowels and this can be for a variety of reasons. Intestinal bacteria, leaky gut, allergies and food intolerances.

In fact, research demonstrates a close correlation between gut microflora and various aspects of health, such as nutritional status, behavior, and stress response. Gut microflora metabolizes our food, drinks, medicines, etc to either detoxify them or activate them into toxic forms. Because of this gut microflora influences, our immune system and some researchers estimate that 75% of our immune system is influenced by the gut.

Homeopathic Bowel Nosodes History

Bowel nosodes were developed in the 1930s by Edward Bach, MD, a bacteriologist at London University College Hospital. You may be more familiar with Dr. Bach as the founder of Bach flower essences.

Bowel nosodes are prepared from cultures of the non-lactose fermenting flora of the intestinal tract. Dr. Bach’s research revealed that certain intestinal germs were closely connected with chronic diseases and their cure. In people who were chronically ill, these germs were present in large numbers and pathogenic.

Initially, Dr. Bach created conventional vaccines from the cultures and gave them to patients. After reading The Organon while working at the London Homeopathic Hospital, he worked with homeopath John Paterson to develop homeopathic versions of the vaccines and Dr. Bach started using the homeopathic versions with his patients. He studied 500 patients over 10 years and he demonstrated a 95% rate improvement with homeopathic bowel nosodes.

How They Help Children

Since many children have had antibiotics that alter their gut bacteria causing a myriad of issues and many children with autism suffer from intestinal and bowel issues, bowel nosodes are typically part of the homeopathic protocol (particularly if working with a CEASE therapist). After a thorough intake discussing the issues that specifically impact that child or adult, the therapist will develop a plan that often includes a bowel nosode.

For instance, I have been working with a child with autism who is malnourished due to the limited number of foods he will eat. This child is very hyper, has sensory integration issues, an overactive brain that will not allow him to fall asleep at night, trouble digesting fats, constipated for days on end and a host of other complaints. Starting this child on the bowel nosode Gaertner helped the child broaden his food choices, helped him move his bowels and diminished his hyperactivity tremendously.

Another bowel nosode called Proteus Mirabilis is very helpful for GI issues and the mental emotional state that is typically associated are temper tantrums. In fact, the impact on children with autism by this nosode was discussed in the journal Homeopathic Links and there has been a plethora of children and adults with autism helped with this nosode.

It is important to work under the guise of a trained homeopath who can find the proper nosode for your child. These are powerful natural medicines that need to be administered with care. For instance bowel, nosodes should never be mixed together and should not be repeated often. Working with an expert will give your child the best results.


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