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Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE) represents a revolutionary approach to healing and illness that is rooted in ancient principles such as acupuncture, yoga, and Qigong. Psychosomatic Energetics help to harmonize the disconnection or blockage of the energy between the psyche and the body. This connecting force has been referred to as prana, chi, aura, orgone and in the Bible as ‘The Body of Light’.

A blocked energy flow is often the main cause of many illnesses and complaints. Resolution in the body's subtle energy field is a key component to healing and this is where PSEs have been instrumental. Based on the treatment of over 1,000 patients, PSE have been proven to be very effective in addressing unconscious mental conflicts.

What causes our PSE’s to become disrupted or disconnected?

1. Emotional Subconscious Traumatic imprints – These are life events that imprint our emotional and physical responses and subsequent health and behaviors. These imprints are typically the most powerful and pervasive.

2. Environmental Stress – These include electrosmog, cell phones, WiFi and radiation.

3. Structural Events – Implants of any kind including dental and piercings, surgical scars and amputations.

4. Toxins and Chronic inflammation – Caused by infections, parasites, dental procedures, heavy metals, anaerobic or acidic tissue terrain.


What are the symptoms commonly associated with PSE blockages?

1. Fatigue

2. Inattentiveness, lack of focus, worry, fear, anger, and rage.

3. Feeling ‘out of sorts’

4. Lack of self-esteem, low self-confidence.

5. Cravings, addictions, compulsions and maladaptive behaviors.

6. Failure to heal or respond to otherwise appropriate therapies.

7. Chronic or recurrent physical or psychoemotional condition.


PSE Remedies and the REBA test device

PSE remedies (Emvita & Chavita)are homeopathically prepared compounds that work on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and subconscious. There are forty different PSE homeopathic that can be combined at various potentiations to address specific needs.

PSE remedies are selected using a REBA test device. Much like a stethoscope or EKG would provide a gauge of the health of your cardiovascular system, REBA can gauge emotional blockages via a cord which is attached to your wrist, By sending a spectrum of brain wave frequencies that interfere with the coordination of the right and left side of the brain, a reaction profile and pattern is created and correlated with the four energetic levels – Vital, Emotional, Mental and Causal are measured.

The vital field corresponds to the delta frequencies which are associated with deep sleep and trances. The emotional field corresponds to theta frequencies that are associated with dreams and fantasies. The mental level corresponds to alpha frequencies which give us relaxed attention and the causal level corresponds to beta frequencies which provide us with intense attention.

Once the profile is created and the conflicts were known, a resolution of the conflict can begin with the specifically targeted PSE remedies. Your profile determines which and how many remedies you will need and when you should be retested.

Many clients report resolutions of deep energetic and emotional imprints. The results can be subtle and build over time. By energetically eliminating conflict, energetic restoration can occur which enables self-healing. Energetic restoration allows you to be your true self – allowing your real beliefs, perceptions and personality to come to the surface and optimal health is achieved. Please phone us at 310-738-8878 to schedule an appointment and begin to resolve the inner conflict that could be holding you back from true healing.


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