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Flower Essences are homeopathically prepared remedies from the blooms of plants, bushes, and trees that were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach, a well-known bacteriologist, physician and pathologist who practiced in England. Dr. Bach believed that mental and emotional imbalances can create undesirable conditions that could be brought back into balance by taking the appropriate flower essence or blend of essences.

Flower Essences work by enhancing the positive aspects of the qualities of mind, emotion, and personality. Typically people use an essence or blend of essences up to four times a day and only four drops are needed for each dose. A dose can be used more frequently if needed and there is no need to worry about overconsumption. The essences can be taken directly or added to food or drink.

Some people apply the flower essences to pulse points (such as on the wrists) and others will add it to a misting bottle to help relieve multiple people in a room or animals. Creams and gums are also now available with flower essences in them making dosing easier than in the past.

Studies on Flower Essences

There have been numerous studies performed on Flower Essences with mixed results. Much like homeopathy, flower essences are not a ‘one size fits all’ approach and proper intake is necessary to assure the correct essences are being used. Even so, there have been many positive studies on essences to help with a wide assortment of issues.

  • ADHD

A study conducted at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center found that Bach Flower Essences effectively managed the symptoms of ADHD.  Essences used for the trial included Rescue Remedy, Cherry Plum, Vervain, Crab Apple and Walnut. At the end of the follow-up period, three of the five children in the placebo group had moved to inpatient hospitalization. In contrast, in the flower essence group, three of the five children were functioning well and off all medication. Researchers stated that the use of flower essences in children with a diagnosis of ADHD showed that the essences helped to reduce inattention and hyperactivity as measured by the Childhood Attention Profile (CAP). They also noted a near doubling of improvements in global functioning over control subjects as measured by the Columbia Impairment Scale (CIS).


  • Mental Emotional Health

Over a 14 month period, a group of patients received flower essence treatments in a Primary Health Care Center in Catalonia in Barcelona from a nurse at the center. 119 people, 78.15% of whom were female, received personalized therapy until their health condition improved. 87.4% of those patients who received treatment reported good or very good evolution/results.

  • Pain Relief

This study looked at flower essences as a means of pain relief. Of 384 subjects, 41 suffered pain. Of these, 46% felt treatment had relieved their pain; in 49% the physical outcome was unknown. About 88% of all subjects reported an improvement in their emotional outlook. In particular, relief of negative emotions and promotion of positive thought including how clients opened up about and dealt with, emotional issues.

  • Menopause

This study appeared in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research and looked at the impact of two essences – Oak and Bush Fuchsia – on behavior anxiety in rats who were ovariectomized (OVX), meaning they had both ovaries removed. After flower therapy, the animals were subjected to an elevated plus maze (EPM) behavioral anxiety-test. Cortisol blood level was also evaluated. OVX rats treated with the flower essence She Oak reduced anxiety.


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In my practice, Flower Essences are used with much success. Essences such as White Chestnut and Clematis have been helpful for many children who are having issues learning and help them focus. Larch is helpful for children and adults who are having trouble with self-confidence. Flower essences have helped many in my practice with anxiety and simply ‘letting go’ of the issues that are holding them back.

We use flower essences as part of the CEASE treatment protocol as they can help detox many mental/emotional issues that can open up the detox pathways during the clearing with CEASE treatment. You can call our office at 310-738-8878 to schedule an appointment for your combination Flower Essences or to begin CEASE therapy.



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