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UNDA remedies are a combination of plant & mineral remedies in homeopathic dilution that have an affinity for specific organ systems.


How did UNDA numbered remedies come about? 


UNDA remedies are carefully constructed combinations of low potency homeopathic remedies. Instead of names, they are given numbers to designate the combinations. There are 76 combinations that are in use today.They were developed in Europe by collaboration. Dr. Discri published a work describing them in 1937 after having worked with them for over 15 years.

A pharmacy in Belgium was responsible for making the combinations. It evolved into the UNDA company in 1949, where they are made to this day. The name UNDA was chosen to represent the undulating water waves that carry subtle medicinal information.

How do they fit into Homeopathic prescribing? 


UNDA numbers are prescribed according to the patient's symptoms and how the sickness is manifesting in the individual. They are compatible with single remedy homeopathy; in fact, they facilitate the action of any single remedies prescribed.


They may be used both as a preparation for further homeopathic prescribing in order to clear the symptom picture, and concurrently with low-dose homeopathic remedies in order to avoid an aggravation of the symptoms. Samuel Hahnemann himself, the founder of homeopathy, often used initially targeted remedies to clear the symptom picture before going on to prescribe more specific remedies.


What's in the UNDA remedies? 


UNDA remedies are a combination of plant & mineral remedies in homeopathic dilution, usually 3x to 6x, that have an affinity for specific organ systems. At that potency, you can still taste the plant, so each remedy has a distinct taste, although not as strong as an herbal tincture.


These plants are traditionally known and used by herbalists and have similar effects homeopathically. For example, Chelidonium (Celandine) and taraxacum (dandelion) are liver herbs, asparagus and Juniperus (juniper) are for the kidneys, Valeriana (Valerian) is for the nervous system, and Verbascum (mullein) is for the lungs. They're put in combination in UNDA remedies to create a synergistic effect.

Certain remedies also contain a pure metal in their makeup, molecularly unattached to anything else, such as copper, gold, silver, or lead. The metal is at a concentration present within the cells of the body, usually 12x. The metal is fixed to the plants during the process of manufacture. The plants deliver the specific metal to the cells of the targeted organ system. There, the cells accept the metal for various actions, mostly bumping out misplaced metals and other toxins, so the cell can function without being gummed up by them. One example is the delivery of copper to the inner membrane particles of the mitochondria, which needs it for a complex reaction involving the production of energy.

How do UNDA remedies (compounds) work?

Use of UNDA remedies encourages the restoration of normal function, which is the aim of natural medicine. They do this in several ways:


1 - UNDA numbered compounds support the detoxification process within each cell and the organ systems. We use UNDA numbered compounds to open emunctories to support organ drainage following Original Quinton Isotonic to re-mineralize the soil as the first step in our CEASE therapy protocol.  and then move on to issues impacting the core. "The Microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything”

2 - UNDA numbered compounds are well adapted to the theory of homo toxicology, allowing the body to eliminate in a way that supports the body's normal functions without forcing the process.

3 – Boost the efficiency of natural immunity, keeping out what is harmful at the level of the skin and mucous membranes, mounting a fever as a response to an infection, and eliminating toxic wastes.

4 - Intervene in cases of a disease which is manifesting, by restoring a healthy way of functioning, thereby reducing then eliminating the disease manifestations.


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